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  • Business

    Review General Orders

    It is recommended from time to time to review all the General Orders issued to all officers actively serving. Knowing these orders may greatly assist ...

    2018-01-26 12:00 AM - tyler

  • Business

    New Commissioned Vessel Coming to Canada

    TSN Command informed Commodore Trinh a new Dreadnought vessel has been completed and is just rolling off the factory line this week. They are ass...

    2018-01-25 12:00 AM - tyler

  • Technology

    Space Monsters are Evolving

    Science Officers from deep space stations are providing numerous reports, the Crystalline Entities also known as the Space Monsters are evolving....

    2018-01-24 12:00 AM - admiral

  • Research & Development

    Ordnance Testing

    Commodore Trinh spent the last few days at TSN's testing facilities, reviewing the operations of new ordnance for all vessels in the fleet. He is sati...

    2018-01-22 12:00 AM - admiral

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