Regional Commander Appointment

Posted on 2019-01-26 at 12:00 AM - admiral

Two new Regional Commanders have been appointed by Rear-Admiral David Trinh.

Commodore Amanda Vanderzanden and Commodore John Scales have been appointed, each have been assigned Divisions to work with.

Regional Commanders are responsible for the day-to-day administrative requirements of the Fleet and support of the Divisions that are assigned to them. As Flag Officers, Regional Commanders reinforce and uphold the Vision, Mission and Values of the Terran Stellar Navy Canadian Fleet.

Divisions are assigned to Regional Commanders based on the distribution of administrative work load. The Divisions assigned to a Regional Commander are subject to change as needed in order to provide efficient and effective support. A Regional Commander can be assigned as many as three Divisions. Commanding Officers are expected to communicate directly with their Regional Commander, and can seek advice from them at their discretion.