Panaceanol Approved by USFP Doctors

Posted on 2018-03-16 at 12:00 AM - admiral

A processed and refined form of the Vigoranium Nodule has just been approved for military use. Panaceanol will be administered for the first round of treatment on infirmed officers on Starbases in the coming weeks. Although this drug has been bought and sold by certain traders for a while on the black market, it has passed rigourous testing by USFP doctors. Panaceanol has less side effects than the rawer form when used aboard starships, a dose of Panaceanol reduces overall crew fatigue by a small amount, and the drug has a longer shelf life, ideal for deep space missions.

It should be understood that casualty is not the same as killed in action (KIA). A casualty is an officer who cannot serve due to death, wounds, sickness, capture or even desertion. When reports comes in from the Engineering Bay of DamCon Team casualities, it cannot be assume there are deaths on the lower decks.