Officer's Service Standards

Terra Prime Ministry of Labour
Release Date: September 19, 2019
Revision 9

This notice is to protect officers serving on a duty shift and sets minimum standards for most workplaces within the Terran Stellar Navy.

What You Need To Know

All officers are not paid any wages when serving in the Terran Stellar Navy as money has been eliminated in society. Everyone works to better themselves and the rest of humanity.

Hours of Work and Overtime
There are daily and weekly limits on hours of work, and rules around meal breaks, rest periods and overtime.

Public Holidays
There are several public holidays for each race. Most Terran Stellar Navy officers are entitled to take these days off work.

Shore Leave Time
Officers earn shore leave time after every 12 months of service. There are rules around the amount of shore leave time an officer earns.

Termination Notice
In most cases, the Terran Stellar Navy must give advance written notice when terminating an officer's service. This is not the same as being relieved of duty.

Leave of Absence

There are a number of job-protected leaves of absence in the Terran Stellar Navy. Examples include pregnancy, parental, family caregiver, personal emergency leave and sexual and/or domestic violence leave.

There are other rights, exemptions and special rules not listed on this notice including special rules for temporary assignment of officers from a different crew or on secondment.