Library Computer Access and Retrieval Network (LCARN)

Terran Stellar Navy Fleet
Release Date: September 19, 2019
Revision 1

LCARN is the centralized information repository for the Terran Stellar Navy Fleet. The system contains general information that covers all manner of documentation, from policies and mission logs to news and general orders.

Content Control on LCARN is centralized to an appointed members. Members that wish to have content published to LCARN must provide a draft of the content to their Community Leaders. If the content is approved by their respective Community Leaders, the Community Leaders will forward the content to the appointed member of LCARN for vetting and publishing. If the content is a new policy or guideline to be introduced, it must first be approved by Fleet Command prior to being published to LCARN.

All information that has Fleet-Wide implications shall be housed by LCARN to allow for ease of access and appropriate version control.