The Canadian Fleet is currently composed of two Light Divisions.
Rebranding and Reorganization of the fleet is in progress throughout August and September 2019.
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First Light Crest

1st Light Division

Commanding Officer Commodore Amanda Vanderzanden, First Officer Commander Katy Fulfer are commissioned to the TSN Hopper, a Missile Cruiser Class starship and the Flagship of the Fleet.

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4th Light division

4th Light Division

Commanding Officer Commander Gin Zarubin is commissioned to the TSN Colossus, a Dreadnought Class starship.

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  • Business

    Newly Commissioned Officers and Vessel

    A new bridge crew formed, The TSN-Oceanside was jointly commissioned by Cmdr. Hood, Cmdr. Garvey, Ens. Hedge and RAdm. Trinh. The ship currently serves as a training vessel and will be assigned to a fleet in the near future. James S. Bennett is their curr...

    2019-07-31 - admiral

  • Research & Development

    Plotting Objects in 3D Space

    The first round of cohorts are descending on their next course in the Naval Academy. This is where they learn about identifying objects while plotting space stations, medical supply containers, asteroids, nebula and black holes in 3D space. A good underst...

    2019-06-26 - admiral

  • Business

    Operation "ARTEMIS"

    TSN Canada is part of a partnership of 30 USFP species that are working together to discourage and stop terrorist groups from smuggling weapons, unlawful cargo and drugs. Operation code name "ARTEMIS" will now be extended to the crew of the Hopper. Execut...

    2019-05-12 - admiral

  • Business

    Canadian Fleet: Joint Training and Operations

    The Canadian Fleet Nebula server is able to host eight ships within the fleet. RAdm. Trinh has engaged all Commanding Officers in 10 different cities across Canada to determine interest, availability along with a series of best dates and time. He has requ...

    2019-05-01 - admiral

  • Business

    In Memory of Lieutenant Jesse Lambert

    The members of all the division's paid tribute to Lieutenant Jesse Lambert of the 1st Light Division who passed away on December 22, 2018 in his home town Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Jesse had insisted he say goodbye to everyone he knew, to tell them...

    2019-04-07 - admiral

  • Business

    TSN Naval Academy Robotic Programming Classes

    Most young cadets know how to use technology effectively, but they do not know what it takes to create it? There is a high level of importance of robotics and coding for the young at the moment. Digital literacy is on the rise, and helping children read c...

    2019-02-27 - admiral

  • Business

    Regional Commander Appointment

    Two new Regional Commanders have been appointed by Rear-Admiral David Trinh. Commodore Amanda Vanderzanden and Commodore John Scales have been appointed, each have been assigned Divisions to work with. Regional Commanders are responsible for the day-to-da...

    2019-01-26 - admiral

  • Business

    Joint training and operations order issued to two fleets

    Orders from TSN High Command have been issued this afternoon. Effective immediately: TSN Canadian Fleet, under the command of Commodore David Trinh, and TSN 9th Fleet, under the command of 9th Fleet Senior Command, are to begin joint fleet training and op...

    2018-10-16 - admiral